Lucky Wedding Cake

I had a BLAST with my first commission, it was a gold-painted buttercreamed dream. My friend asked me to make her two cakes for her wedding earlier this month, and it was truly such an honor. She’s seen and tasted my baked goodies before and had confidence that I’d kill it. Thank goodness because I was nervous as all hell! I think I baked (for a 4-layer cake) no less than 4 times the amount of cake needed, to make sure the recipe was spot on and the layers would be even and perfect.

I made a lot of fun things with the leftover cake- see previous baked alaska post.

We spent time noodling around on what flavors she and her husband (ah!) wanted, decoration, and color palate. She let me do my thing, requesting only that it has gold on it. One month before the wedding, my partner and I went to their house to get their feedback on cake tastings, while playing board games and chatting about philosophy, you know, the usual saturday night shenanigans. For the tasting, I brought two cakes, a gluten free (her MOH has celiac disease), and their full gluten sweetheart cake. Both cakes were mini size, and offered options for decoration.


Turns out, I get my most zen while hand painting petal edges in gold luster dust. who knew?

After the successful tasting, I was on my way with the final game plan for the cakes. They decided to go with the painted hydrangea with scattered roses for their sweetheart cake, and the gold painted poofs (not technical term) for the gluten free cake.

I can’t wait for the photos to come from the photographer, but here’s a few I took on my phone before the festivities began!

Nae Schnee