Baked Alaska

As I’m learning more skills at work, I’m inspired to test them at home to hone them in and practice practice practice. This past week, I made Italian meringue for lemon meringue pies, and finally got my hands on a kitchen torch. I love seeing the sugars react to the heat (nerd alert), and was inspired to make a baked alaska at home. It just so happened that I have plenty of cake from the tasting left preserved in the freezer, 2 pints of ice cream, and now some Italian meringue. Traditionally, the cake is assembled and then set on fire as a showstopping dessert. Well, I went the GBBO route (without the drama) and torched it. For two reasons: 1. I set shit on fire unintentionally, so let’s not mess with the fates here, and 2. I don’t drink, so there isn’t any alcohol to spray over and set aflame.

This was so much fun! I want to keep at it and practice to get a beautiful meringue design on the cake before getting the torch involved, but for a first chance, it went well! Shout out to my partner in crime for helping take the photos!

Baked Alaska-preprepped

Cake- I used 2 layers of GF chocolate cake

Ice cream- I used 2 pints, molding them into a 6” disc

Meringue- I used maybe 3 cups? no measurements, just food.

I lucked out because I had all the ingredients all ready to put together. Everything was molded separately, but next time I may mold them together to get them to stick more. I kept everything in the freezer when not in use, and after any additions. Once the meringue was on the cake, I let it chill in the freezer for about a half hour so when I set the torch to it, it wouldn’t melt. Next time, I think I will add a binder between cake and ice cream, either a jam or ganache.