Vegetables. All of Them.

I realized there is one vegetable I will not eat, and I think it’s due to preparation. I can’t fuck with bell peppers because I’m allergic, but otherwise the only veg I will actively avoid is eggplant. This all stemmed from a conversation with coworkers about whether people who say they like/love veggies are full of shit or not. I mean, maybe, but I do like eating vegetables.

I grew up with a lot of iceberg lettuce with ranch, canned, and frozen veggies. I may be remembering it wrong- my sister will call me out if I am, but vegetables weren’t a big focus for our childhood diets. Despite this, I really like vegetables. My coworker was shocked. How? How could I like vegetables? Honestly, fuck if I know. They are cheap, have crazy flavor, and give me a chance to try new techniques. I once turned a potato. Once. Fuck that.

I eat vegetables in almost every meal. Please note, this is not a humble brag like oooh you eat vegetables aren’t you healthy. Nope, working on the healthy bit, still eating ice cream and shit. But this is how I eat my veggies, and I recommend trying some out!

Roasting- So fucking easy

Turn oven on, some days I roast at 350 for an hour, sometimes 400 for 30 minutes, don’t stress.

Cut up veg into even sizes, douse in olive oil and seasonings of choice. Put in pan, put in oven, BAM roasted veg.

Browned bits are delicious. I love it, so will you. Check done-ness by poking with a fork or eating a piece. Once done to your preference, remove, and dress how you’d like.

Brussels Sprouts are my favorite. I roast them with salt, pepper, and whatever seasoning is closest, and when crispy and delicious I eat them out of the pan. If they come out a bit overdone, don’t worry. Seriously, looking at you sister, don’t worry. I like to cover mine in a very light spritz of balsamic vinegar, which can play wonderfully with the bitterness of the overcooked Brussels, or some Parmesan.

Stir Fry

This is a standard in my house. Literally once a week. Mise en place (meez in plahhhs) is a must because it goes quickly. I heat oil in a large pan, add garlic, onion, and all the veg. Cook it down til softened a bit, then add a sauce. BAM done. The sauce? I use a mix of soy, hoisin, ginger, sesame oil, and whatever else is in my pantry. When in doubt, add sriracha.

I last made a stir fry using mushrooms, onion, zucchini, cabbage, garlic, and broccoli. It’s a great option for when you have leftover veg that you need to use up, or are bored with the same thing as leftovers.

Use as Filler

When I make lasagna, burgers, literally anything with meat as an ingredient, I add chopped mushrooms or zucchini to the mix to increase veg intake and add extra flavor and mouthfeel.

I’ve been on any and all fad diets over my life, and have spent the last year and a half on keto, then low carb. I prefer a lower carb diet because my body feels right with it. When I eat a pizza or a shit-ton of sugar my body is not happy, so I don’t eat them often. A big misnomer about keto is that you eat only bacon and burgers, and that’s not true, not to me anyways. I include vegetables in our diets because the natural fibers and vitamins that come with them really make my body function at its best. Not all veggies are made equally, some are technically legumes (looking at you, peas), but they all serve a purpose for your body.

I won’t say to eat X amount of this or that, or don’t eat Y except in moderation, or judge you for eating Z. Choose your own foods, y’all are adults (or have parents), but I will say: eat some veg, if anything else, it helps you poop.