Going Pro?

Whoops it’s been a while, and for good reason I promise! First, I have accepted my first commission: 2 cakes for a friend’s wedding, one for them to cut into, the “sweetheart cake,” and a gluten free cake for their bridal party, which has 3 people with celiac disease. It’s been a fun time (seriously) trying to find the perfect GF recipe that stays lifted and moist in Colorado. We had our tasting this past weekend, and they were thrilled for the cakes. I brought them a sample of each type (included in this type of commission, just sayin’) with different decoration options to choose from. These are good people, they were clear on flavor preference and gave me creative freedom for the decor, asking only to include gold. To be honest, they were fucking delicious, and so much fun to make. I was stressed about the cakes, but it worked out very well! I found my zen in piping and painting buttercream roses. It’s my new past time.

Secondly, I also left the non-profit field and am working as a real Pastry Cook! I am having so much fun, learning so much, and am so exhausted! Coming from a standard desk job, this is no joke but I LOVE IT. I come home tired and energized and wouldn’t change a thing! This is such a change, but it makes so much sense. Baking has always been a passion, and I’m now able to learn more from the pastry chefs and cooks around me daily.

Below are some pictures of the tasting cakes. These cakes are only 2 layers each, whereas the full cakes will be 4 layers. Final design and flavors to be revealed after the wedding!