Shishito Peppers or Death

Two very important things about me: 1. I’m allergic to most peppers (especially bell), and 2. I am a stubborn motherfucker.

When these two powers combine, I eat shishito peppers. I don’t eat them often because of their season, but I love me some shishitos.

I saw a beautiful bunch at Sprouts this weekend, and picked em up, allergies be damned. I fucking love them.

Don’t Kill Me, Shishitos

Shishito peppers (like a pound or two, cant fuck it up)

avocado oil (or any high heat oil)


Heat a cast iron skillet under the broiler til scorchin. while heating, coat shishitos with salt and oil. dump into the pan, broiling until blackened, mixing em up every few minutes. takes maybe 6-10 minutes. season with more salt. this is unfuckupable. you got this.

enjoy and don’t die!