Pad Thai

I LOVE riffing on standard recipes. This is a standard in our house for good reason: it’s fast, easy, and full of flavor. Being on the keto diet, the basics are meat and greens, and sometimes I get fancy with sauces and shit to keep it interesting and this is one of those ways.

Pad Thai

meat (i used cut up chicken thighs this week, i’ve literally used any meat handy though)

greens (i like to use broccoli, mushrooms, onions, whatever I have on hand)

the sauce: test out different ratios!

sesame oil

garlic- anywhere from 2 to 10 cloves. go be great my dudes.

peanut butter

soy sauce


hoisin sauce


Mix up sauce ingredients until it tastes good to you. No exact science here. Some days I want it more hoisin-y, other days more peanut-y. you do you baby boo, this is unfuckupable. Start in the biggest pan you own (I don’t have a wok, but I want one), heat sesame oil. add broccoli, then meat. mix it up, season with salt and pepper, and whatever else your heart desires. I add more oil and soy sauce to start. PS- easy on the salt, the sauce will be salty. when fully cooked, add the sauce and mix and let thicken. this week I added fake pasta, but we don’t have it as a staple in our pantry, so it was a treat. top with more sriracha, peanuts/cilantro if you have it. you got this.