Protein Pancakes!

Breakfast food makes me happy, and being able to eat it while keeping a keto lifestyle keeps me from cheating. I love me some pancakes (pancakes > waffles, come at me) and eat them regularly. At my work we call treats “sometimes foods” but these are like… 4/7 day foods. minimum.

Anyways, I was gifted some samples of Epicurean Butter, and I was excited to throw some on this morning’s pancakes. (I was not asked to write this/this is not an ad/I am not sponsored) Y’ALL IT IS SO GOOD. I tried the cinnamon brown sugar, and used (only needed) 1/2T on this morning’s breakfast and it was so rich- it was perfect! No syrup needed.

For my pancakes, I’ve been using the same recipe with a few tweaks for years.

Protein Pancakes

1 scoop Quest All-Purpose baking protein powder

1 egg

1/3 cup water

Sweetener of choice

1/4tsp vanilla

Butter/Maple syrup/toppings

Mix all the liquids, then add the solids and mix til smooth. Heat a nonstick pan on medium, and cook in 2 batches (2 pancakes) or as one giant flap jack. Flip/remove when golden brown!

PS- sometimes I add baking powder but haven’t noticed a difference since there’s no gluten to keep in the volume. Also, we add chocolate chips on occasion.