Whoopsie Pies

I have a new boss, and not only do I like her, but she likes baked goods. It’s a wonderful start to a beautiful working relationship. As well, since I am the birthday committee at work, I figured I should know her favorite dessert. Being from Massachusetts, her favorite is a whoopie pie! Well shit y’all, I literally have a bake book all about whoopie pies. So the adventure and inspiration begins.

Well, I haven’t cooked from this bake book for 8 years. It was gifted to me by my aunt, and when I first tried to bake from it, it was an utter failure. Well, if I had followed the directions exactly this attempt, it too would have been a disaster. The classic chocolate whoopie pies DID NOT HAVE COCOA AS AN INGREDIENT. How did this book get through editing and recipe testing?

I was very frustrated when baking them. I try to follow the recipe to the T the first try, and then play around. You know, learning the rules before breaking them kind of thing. I was so frustrated I ended up adapting it anyways. Well, they turned out ok but need some tweaking, and will eventually post my recipe when I get it right. I will say the marshmallow filling was good, but still needs something extra.

I also found that when I did the book’s method for baking, they came out wonky. Next time I’ll be using a piping bag to ensure evenness. I will keep fiddling and get back to you!

whoopsie pies