drunk baking.

Like many American women last weekend, I was upset, angry, felt betrayed, and wanted to scream. Rather than internalize this pain, I decided to get drunk. But before I got drunk, I stopped by the liquor store and Michaels and spent a bunch of money. The result? A chunky peanut butter chocolate triple layer cake a la Smitten Kitchen. All this while sipping on Tito’s and crying. Women multitask in crazy and impressive ways, what can I say.

I bake in all moods. It’s like my version of Meg Ryan films, it makes everything better. And better yet, I fed it to friends and coworkers and their happiness makes me happy. silver lining to this bullshit?

I didn’t take step by step photos, but here is the end result, more pics on my food porn page!

Stay strong ladies. we rise.

and don’t forget to vote.

did I mention I made chocolates? because I did.

did I mention I made chocolates? because I did.

sliced pb chocolate cake

I referred to this as an automat dessert on my instagram, and was asked quite a few times about what the fuck an automat is. Well, for those not raised by a New Yorker, an automat was like an adult cafeteria restaurant, where you’d buy individual pieces of cake and pie, cut sandwiches, etc. Every time I went to a hospital on rounds with my dad and we saw automat style vending machines, he’d tell me about seeing his uncle play in the New York Symphony as the first violinist. So a little memory, a lot of alcohol, and even more carbs for my co-workers.