Searing Steak Without the Fire Department Visiting

Funny thing about our house, it’s old, beautiful, and has shit ventilation. For a gal that likes a hard sear, it’s been tricky. Our poor security system probably thinks I’m a pyromaniac by now. However, how else would I know that our local fire department (less than .5 miles away in case you’re curious) has a great response time and a bad ass female captain?

Anyways, for the love of our house, not getting fined, and my boyfriend’s sanity, I’ve found a way to sear and cook steak without setting off the smoke detector. note: smoke still happens, but much less.

Reverse Searing Steak

1.5”-2'“ steaks (I used ribeye)

seasoning- I’ll post about it eventually

high heat oil- I used avocado oil, veg, canola also work olive oil does NOT

wire rack

baking sheet

cast iron pan

Let the steaks come to room temp. Set oven to 275. Season steaks thoroughly. Wrap the baking sheet in tin foil. place wire rack on top. note: do not crowd the steaks, give them room to breath. place steaks on the rack, and put in the oven for roughly 40 minutes. I let them get to 115 degrees internally for medium rare-rare. I like em pink. When their internal temp is about 10 degrees too cool, set the cast iron on the stove, med-high to high heat. add oil when you remove the steaks from the oven, or it will get too smokey. add the steaks to the pan, in batches if needed, and let sear for 1 minute per side, til a nice crust forms. let rest 5-10 minutes to distribute juices.

This method of cooking is solid because there’s only 4-8 minutes of smoke, versus cooking them on the stove and dealing with 15-20 minutes of smoke depending on the cut. So far, no fire departments have been called to my house with this method!

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